Rheem AmbiPower MDc-180 Heat Pump Installed

Hot Water

Recommended for homes up to 3 people.
Price includes all rebates if eligible.

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Please note Supply and Installation prices include Solar Victoria Rebate. It also includes VEEC’s & STC’s signed over to Darebin as a point of sales discount going from gas to heat pump.
To find out if you are eligible for the Solar Victoria Rebate please contact us.

The AMBIPOWER MDc-180 Heat Pump is the new generation 178L capacity heat pump suitable for small families. This is a smart, energy efficient alternative for heating hot water. It uses the heat from the surrounding air and doesn’t rely on direct sunlight to heat your water and provides a reliable, efficient, and sustainable way to reduce your water heating energy consumption.

The advanced wrap around microchannel heating technology for uniform and faster water heating making it suitable for cold climates with an operating range from -7°C to higher ambient temperatures.

Rheem Heat Pump  Advantages

  • High COP of 4.5 @ 19oC
  • Advanced wrap around microchannel heating technology for uniform and faster water heating
  • Can save up to 70% on your water heating energy consumption compared to an electric water heater
  • Suitable for cold climates with an operating range from -7°C to +43°C
  • Suitable for harsh water conditions
  • 2.4 kW back-up element
  • User-friendly touch screen LED display
  • 7 year cylinder warranty*
  • Suitable for 1 to 3 people



  • 7 years cylinder supply
  • 3 years cylinder labour
  • 3 years sealed system supply and labour
  • 1 year parts supply and labour

Additional information

Supply & Install Terms

Product Terms and Installation Information:
This pricing is for a Standard Installation:
The listed price applies to installations where the hot water connection aligns with the existing location and utilizes a standard electrical circuit.
Extras may apply for installations without underfloor or in-ceiling access to run the electrical circuit.
Double-storey homes may incur additional charges due to increased difficulty in installation.
Some locations in Melbourne may be subject to a travel fee.
The provided price is for transitioning from a gas-powered unit to a heat pump.
Eligibility for the Solar Victoria Rebate is required for this package.
The package encompasses the signing over of STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) & VEECs to Darebin. This contributes to a point-of-sale discount for customers.

Existing Non-Gas Units:
If your current water heating unit is not gas-powered, please contact us for tailored solutions and pricing.