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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions here asked by our valuable Customers…

What times are available?

Our booking system operates on either a Morning or Afternoon booking.

Morning bookings are between 8 am – 12 pm.
Afternoon bookings are between 12 pm – 5 pm.

The service call is $225 including GST which includes the first 15 minutes of labour. Each additional 15-minute block of time costs $35 including GST plus the cost of any required parts.

For installation quotes and any other enquiries please call (03) 9463 1555.

Payment is to be made on the day to the Darebin Gas serviceman at the conclusion of the visit.

Our payment terms are by Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque or bank transfer.
Please note, there is a 1.5% surcharge on Visa & Mastercard payments.

Yes, we can arrange an after-hours service visit if required at an after hour rate.
To arrange this please call our office on 9463 1555 during business hours. To get in touch outside of business hours call 9483 8619.

Evaporative Cooling Questions

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Darebin Gas recommends having your evaporative cooler serviced every 2 years to ensure maximum efficiency.

Darebin Gas provide maintenance services on evaporative coolers which include:

  • Cleaning & checking of filter (chillcel) pads
  • Draining the unit and cleaning reservoir
  • Filling/checking water levels
  • Adjusting fan belt & motor, if applicable
  • Checking the bleed off system, if applicable
  • Checking overall operation of unit

Your evaporative system doesn’t require seasonal maintenance at the beginning and end of every season because it is fitted with an automatic drain valve. When your system is not in use, the valve automatically empties the reservoir, leaving it clean and dry.

Evaporative cooling systems work unconventionally and provide a cooling effect to the air by evaporating water.

This system includes an installation of a cooling unit on the roof which is connected to the property via ducts. It is the cooling unit that draws the air from outside, followed by filtering and evaporating, leaving the air cooler. The hot air enters the cooling unit on the roof, where it is filtered and cooled as it passes through specially designed moistened pads. A fan then blows the cooled air throughout your living space. Hot air is pushed out through open windows and doors providing your entire space with fresh air every two minutes.

Evaporative coolers consume only a small proportion of energy compared to ducted refrigerated systems.

By choosing energy-efficient appliances that consume less power, you can help the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases generated by power stations whilst saving you money!

Modern evaporative cooling units feature advanced water saving technology designed to eliminate water waste.

Water is continuously monitored electronically, replacing it only when mineral deposits exceed acceptable levels.

To get maximum efficiency out of your evaporative air conditioner it is important for some windows or outside doors to be open. This will allow the hot air to be pushed outside of the room.

The most effective method is to open windows or external doors that are the furthest away from the air vents. A general rule to follow is to have a window/door open that is double the size for every vent.

It is important to note that in humid weather the air can become quite moist and evaporation levels are lower.

Heating Questions

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Periodic maintenance of your heater will ensure a long and satisfactory service life with the heater operating at optimum performance.

Maintenance should be performed at least every two years by a registered plumber trained in the service of gas heaters such as Darebin Gas.

Darebin Gas offers a Gas Heater Safety Check and Service for $298 which includes:

  • Cleaning the gas pilot and burners
  • Checking spark electrodes and flame sensors
  • Checking gas pressure
  • Cleaning the fan

… and most important of all, we test for carbon monoxide levels.

Darebin Gas recommends cleaning the return air filter on your ducted heating once a month.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but being colourless, odourless, tasteless, and initially non-irritating, it is very difficult for people to detect.

The prevention of poisoning is a significant public health issue. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common type of fatal poisoning in many countries.

Breathing in Carbon Monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. If Carbon Monoxide levels are high enough, you may become unconscious or die. Exposure to moderate and high levels of CO over long periods of time has also been linked with increased risk of heart disease.

To ensure you and your family are safe, Darebin Gas offers a 5-part Gas Heater safety check and service for just $249. Call us on 9463 1555 for more information.

Gas Safety Questions

Prioritize gas safety with our expert guidance. Explore essential tips and knowledge to ensure your home's safety.

A gas safety check has become legislation from 29/03/21 where the Victorian government requires all tenanted properties to have a Gas and electrical safety check performed every 2 years.
A gas safety check can only be performed by a Type A gas licensed service technician. An Electrical safety check can only be performed by a licensed A-grade electrician.

This is not a requirement of the government at the moment but if you do have any concerns with your properties safety we can definitely be of assistance.

Yes, we do provide a package where we can automatically have you booked in for your periodic safety check.