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Elevate Comfort and Air Quality: Darebin Electrical's Exhaust and Ceiling Fans. Enjoy efficient ventilation and cooling solutions for your home.

Fan Installations With Us

Our skilled technicians are experts in installing exhaust fans and ceiling fans with precision and efficiency.

Enjoy a customised solution to meet your specific needs, whether it's improving ventilation with exhaust fans or creating a breezy atmosphere with ceiling fans.

Our ceiling fan installations not only add functionality but also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Press the button below to get a personalised quote for the installation of exhaust fans or ceiling fans. We're here to ensure your home is not only stylish but also a breath of fresh air.

Ceiling Fan Installation Or Replacement

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  1. Expert Consultation: Our experienced team begins by conducting an in-depth consultation to assess your specific needs, room layout, and the ideal location for ceiling fan installation. We also evaluate the condition of existing fans for replacement.
  2. Selection of Ceiling Fans: We guide you in selecting the most suitable ceiling fans for your space. Whether you’re looking for energy-efficient options, remote-controlled fans, or models with lighting features, we have a wide range to choose from.
  3. Installation: Our skilled technicians handle the installation process with precision. We ensure secure mounting, balanced blade alignment, and proper wiring to guarantee the fans’ optimal performance and safety.
  4. Replacement Services: If you have existing ceiling fans that are outdated or not functioning correctly, we offer efficient replacement services. Our team will remove the old fans, dispose of them responsibly, and install new, energy-efficient models in their place.
  5. Testing and Calibration: We conduct thorough testing to ensure that your newly installed or replaced ceiling fans operate quietly and efficiently, providing the desired airflow and comfort.
  6. Wiring and Control Options: Our technicians can integrate ceiling fans with a variety of control options, including wall switches, remote controls, depending on your preferences.
  7. Customised Solutions: Each ceiling fan installation or replacement is tailored to your unique requirements, whether it’s for residential or commercial spaces. We work with you to create a solution that fits your aesthetic and functional needs.
  8. Safety and Compliance: Your safety is our priority. We adhere to all safety and electrical regulations during the installation or replacement process to ensure a secure and code-compliant result.

Replacing Or Installing Fans

Ceiling fans and exhaust fans are something we specialise in at Darebin. When it comes to installation of like for like change overs or giving our expert opinion on correctly ventilating your home, ensure with us you are in safe hands with us providing not only top quality brands but the piece of mind knowing we will be providing you with the correct set up for what is to be achieved.

Whether it be indoor or outdoor ceiling fans, Exhuast fans in toilets or bathrooms, book in for our expert knowledge and skill to provide the best outcome for your home.

To request a quote for the replacement or installation of ceiling and exhaust fans, please click the button below.

Exhaust Fan Installation Or Replacement


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    Fulton MitchellFulton Mitchell
    06:23 27 Oct 23
    John YoonJohn Yoon
    06:21 27 Oct 23
    I've requested a service call about Braemar heater warranty. The service engineer came the next day, 20 minutes of work and voila, everything works, under warranty. Very professional, fast, nice and polite. I suppose, this is how service industry should look like 🙂
    Lyn EmmersonLyn Emmerson
    05:44 27 Oct 23
    Evaporative cooling system service.Excellent communication …. professional serviceman on time and courteous.
    Annis AndersonAnnis Anderson
    02:21 27 Oct 23
    Craig HalloranCraig Halloran
    01:27 26 Oct 23
    Great , fast service and reasonably priced
    Ritesh PatelRitesh Patel
    22:54 15 Oct 23
    Dave who came ontime and troubleshooted issue quickly and efficiently. He guided me and advised how Evaporate Cooler works and gives some useful tips. He also checked outside to ensure it installed correctly . Highly recommended for their quick and efficient service. Thank you Dave
    Monique CrowMonique Crow
    21:55 30 Sep 23
    Highly recommend.Very helpful with explaining my options, assisting with the government rebate process and was prompt at booking in a time to come and complete the work.On the day of install, they turned up on time, and completed everything within expected time.
    Lucy BroadbentLucy Broadbent
    07:44 20 Sep 23
    Easy to deal with, good communication. Got the cooler fixed pretty quickly and similarly the service of the heater. Only thing I would have liked, was for the attendant to take off his shoes when inside my home. I have a crawling toddler so very conscious of keeping my floors clean.
    Deborah JarrawDeborah Jarraw
    09:19 14 Sep 23
    Really excellent service. I use them for all my evaporative cooling servicing and warranty repairs (I'm still under the 7 year warranty). Initially had an appointment for next week, but they called me back and managed to fit me in to a next day service. The serviceman was also really professional, friendly and knowledgeable.
    Mirella ScaliseMirella Scalise
    03:47 14 Aug 23
    After Contacting Darebin gas for a heater issue via email, I received a very prompt and professional response via phone first thing Monday morning. They were able to help with a quick appointment time and explanation of fees etc.The technician was able to give all the necessary information to assist with our problem, and although we chose not to have them repair it on the day( we chose to reach to manufacturer as a good will warranty repair ) Nick was very helpful to the situation. Thank you for the great service. We will highly recommended your company.
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    Why Us

    Our electrical department at Darebin Trade Services was established in 2021, with a clear vision to provide superior electrical solutions to residential clients. Although we may be relatively new in the electrical domain, we have quickly established ourselves as a trusted and dependable service provider.

    Our team of professionals brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from diverse backgrounds within the industry, allowing us to offer efficient and reliable services in electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs.

    We take pride in our commitment to precision and ensure that every project we undertake is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, setting a high standard for excellence in electrical services within Melbourne.


    Discover Solutions to Your Ventilation Systems Inquiries Right at Your Fingertips

    Exhaust fans are essential in areas with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, as well as in spaces where air quality is a concern, like workshops and garages.
    Bathroom exhaust fans should be chosen based on the room's size and specific needs.
    Yes, exhaust fans should be vented outside to effectively remove moisture, odors, and pollutants from your indoor spaces.
    Ceiling fans are useful in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and any space where you want to improve airflow and maintain comfort.
    Yes, ceiling fans are generally energy-efficient and can help reduce the reliance on air conditioning, leading to cost savings.
    Yes, many ceiling fans come with integrated light fixtures, making it convenient to replace an existing light fixture with a fan and light combo.
    The size of the fan should match the room's dimensions.