iStore 180L Heat Pump Installed

Hot Water

Recommended up to 3 people.
Price includes all rebates if eligible.

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As solar PV systems become more and more affordable, and more and more homes convert to these renewable energies, there’s never been a better time to get an iStore. The iStore is a cost-effective, battery alternative that can cut the costs of heating water for your home by as much as 70%, saving you an average of $950 per year.

It does this by utilising revolutionary air to energy technology, providing fantastic energy conversion rates using the excess energy from your solar PV system that would otherwise be sent back to the grid or stored in a battery. Using only 3-4 kWh per cycle, and with 400% efficiency rates, it is one of the best uses for excess solar energy available on the market today.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce water consumption by as much as 66%
  • Optimal design with external wrap around heating coil for maximum thermal energy transfer
  • The most cost-effective energy storage solution on the market
  • Access Federal and State Government incentives

Additional information

Supply & Install Terms

Product Terms and Installation Information:
This pricing is for a Standard Installation:
The listed price applies to installations where the hot water connection aligns with the existing location and utilizes a standard PowerPoint.
Extras may apply for installations requiring electrical work.
Some locations in Melbourne may be subject to a travel fee.
The provided price is for transitioning from a gas-powered unit to a heat pump.
Eligibility for the Solar Victoria Rebate is required for this package.
The package encompasses the signing over of VEEC's (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates) and STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) to Darebin. This contributes to a point-of-sale discount for customers.

Existing Non-Gas Units:
If your current water heating unit is not gas-powered, please contact us for tailored solutions and pricing.